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30.06.2021, 16:07

Dianas study now published in Current Biology

Our paper entitled "Source identity shapes spatial preference in primary auditory cortex during active navigation" is now avaiable online at Current Biology: Using our...   mehr

09.04.2021, 17:01

Welcome Andrey!

delighted to announce that Dr Andrey Sobolev has joined the lab in April. he will work on establishing optogenetic manipulations in SIT   mehr

09.04.2021, 16:04

Congratulations Dr. Amaro!!!

Diana defended successfully her PhD and is Dr. Amaro from now on! Well deserved and very well done, Diana! She already has taken a post-doc position, and while we are very sad to see her leave our lab, we wish...   mehr

22.02.2021, 13:12

New study on identity-specific spatial coding out now on bioRXiv

We demonstrate that source identity shapes spatial preference in primary auditory cortex during active sensing: Great work by Diana, who also is about to finish her...   mehr

28.09.2020, 13:01

Methods paper on SIT published in Frontiers in Behav. Neuroscience

We are very pleased to announce the publication of our Methods paper titled: Sensory Island Task (SIT): A New Behavioral Paradigm to Study Sensory Perception and Neural Processing in Freely Moving...   mehr

09.07.2020, 11:56

New reviews / book chapters published

Michael has co-authored a couple of reviews as book chapters: Coding of spatial information: Biological Aspects of Perceptual Space Formation:...   mehr

31.10.2019, 13:27

Oldenburg Symposium "Current approaches in experimental hearing research"

Michael was invited to present the recent/current work in the lab on a symposium at the Department of Neuroscience of the Universität Oldenburg entitled "Current approaches in experimental hearing research"....   mehr

15.07.2019, 09:22

New paper on cooperative coding in LSO is accepted at Plos Biology!

Very happy to announce that our work titled "Cooperative population coding facilitates efficient sound source separability by adaptation to input" has been accepted to be published in Plos Biology. We show how...   mehr

22.05.2019, 14:37

Michael on tour...

Michael will give a few presentations in May/June: He will be in Hannover at the TiHo on the 27th of May to visit Prof. Felmy and give a talk on the new behavioral paradigm we use in the lab, called HINT...   mehr

16.05.2019, 13:21

Paula is a GSN Master student!

Congratulations to Paula for being accepted to the Master program of the Graduate School for Systemic Neuroscience (GSN)! Well done, Paula!   mehr

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